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The exterior of the building is based on artistic ideas that are implemented following the capabilities of the terrain and climate of the area where the building is located. This combination will provide a variety of comfort, convenience, and durability. The exterior of a building depends mainly on its purpose. The attractiveness of the exterior of a public building will be an essential factor in attracting visitors.

Exterior finishing requires a high level of professionalism and attention to detail. The main difficulty is that it is necessary to recreate the setting or integrate the design directly into the photograph. When creating a project, it is desirable to respect the style of the area but, at the same time, make the project stand out and visually appealing. Exterior Architectural Rendering allows you to look a little bit into the future and understand how the finished project will look. You can visualize everything from a small country house to huge skyscrapers.

Three viewpoints are used - the level of the human eye, the "superman view," which covers the upper floors, and the aerial view, covering up to several kilometres. The cost of services is strictly individual for each project and depends on the scope of work. First, the necessary data on the facade, decor details, guttering, security cameras, etc., are collected. Then a team of artists in three stages performs the task. First in gray color, then the pre-processing of the color version, and the third, final color version in high resolution.

Olivia Moore

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